Sarah works in academic medicine.  In this work, summer is a time of transition.  New residents begin.  Graduating residents move on.  Both the beginnings and the endings require time and attention.  Throughout June we gathered for welcome parties and graduation celebrations.


A few of Sarah’s closest friends graduated from residency last month and now they’re in the midst of boxes as they transition from Sacramento to their new homes and work places.

While transitions are always difficult and saying goodbye is always hard, our meal last night seemed like the best we could offer in thanksgiving for the relationships.   The meal combined the best of both the old and the new.  Before the gathering, Sarah and I prepared the homemade salsa we’ve been perfecting for years and followed a recipe to make curtido for the first time.  We then gathered with eight friends to make papusas and celebrate friendship.

Friendships take shape in many ways.  Gathering in the kitchen and around the table feels like one of the most sacred.