Sarah had a meeting in Boise on Friday with Healthwise, a non-profit she does some consulting work for regarding obstetrics and women’s health.

Eleanor and I tagged along for the short trip to Idaho.  While Sarah was working, we visited the Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial.

This was the first quote we encountered upon entering the outdoor memorial:

Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial

The memorial is profoundly moving.  Eleanor slept peacefully as we made our way through the reminders of both the horrific realities of violence and the inspiring stories of peace-making that have given shape to the world as we know it.

Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial

Advent is a season in which followers of Jesus attempt to re-visit an ancient story in order to prepare ourselves for God’s in-breaking presence once more.  The story of Advent includes both horrific violence ordered by Herod and extraordinary responses of hope made by the most common of common folks — an unwed teenage girl, a barren elderly woman, a carpenter, sheep herders.

Walking through the memorial with our young daughter brought new depths to my own understanding of this chaotic season in which we’re called to be still and prepare.

Anne Frank’s father, Otto, reminds us, “To build up a future, you have to know the past.”