We’re gathering each Sunday evening from January 3 – February 14 for a series called The Epiphany Table.  A Blueprint for Discipleship by Kevin Watson will guide our weekly gatherings.

Here’s our outline for the series:

The Epiphany Table OutlineWhether you’re in Sacramento and joining us on Sunday evenings or you aren’t able to make any of the gatherings in person, you’re invited to join our online conversation here.  A Blueprint for Discipleship is available online at Upper Room.  It’s also available electronically for the Kindle.

We plan to use this blog to foster conversation among participants.  I will make short posts each day throughout the series — some of the posts will be quotations from the book, some will be questions, some may be short personal reflections.

John Wesley, the leader of the early Methodist movement, used a journal to make notes of his own faith journey.  He also brilliantly organized small groups of people into classes intended to help persons grow in Grace.  Both the spiritual discipline of journaling and membership in weekly class meetings have long since disappeared from most United Methodist congregations.

We hope The Epiphany Table will encourage the reclaiming of both faith sharing and class meetings.  Kevin Watson’s book will help us understand Wesley’s model in historical context.  The book will also encourage us to consider how the model might be relevant for our lives today.  We hope this blog will serve as a 21st Century weaving of both the class meeting and the journal.

My first daily post for the series will be tomorrow morning.  We hope you’ll join this online expression of The Table.  Take a few moments each day and post a short response.